Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD) is a global alliance of premier hotel schools in partnership with hospitality industry leaders dedicated to creating high-quality talent by sharing knowledge and research.

Our mission is to leverage our joint resources to attract, prepare, and retain talented hospitality leaders. To achieve this mission, our association will:

• Actively enhance the attractiveness of hospitality careers.
• Share knowledge and research that develops superior talent for the industry.
• Develop tools that will allow and stimulate informed choices for students and industry to   optimize the match between talent and demand.
• Provide global solutions for a global industry.
• Build globally recognized curriculum standards that will provide bachelor’s and master’s     degree-seeking students a unique learning environment.

HSD recognizes the need for specialized, management-ready candidates to fuel the global growth of the world’s most prominent organizations and companies in the hospitality and tourism sector. The discerning hotel and tourism industry is seeking candidates that are flexible and prepared for work in a global market.